Demand for Paint Pad Pro outstrips supply

Unprecedented Christmas sales clear the shelves

Following an incredible 300% rise in sales through December & January, Paint Pad Pro Main Units and Bumper Packs are temporarily out of stock.

Avoid disappointment and pre-order your Paint Pad Pro today!The good news is that new stock is on it’s way and we expect to restart deliveries by the 24th of February.

To avoid disappointment, why not pre-order your Paint Pad Pro now?

Replacement Poles and Pads
Current Paint Pad Pro users can rest assured that we’re fully stocked with replacement paint pads and extension poles

Beware Imitation Paint Pads!

No one likes getting a bad review …. but the other day we received a real stinker! The writer pulled no punches, ‘terrible quality …. all the paint pads fell apart …. total pile of rubbish’. We needed to know more – quickly

A case of mistaken identity

One thing immediately caught our attention. The reviewer said the Paint Pad had arrived from Hong Kong – But we only ship from the UK! Sure enough, we discovered the order had actually been placed with a store in the Far East. Worse than that, they’re using our video to sell their inferior paint pads! Luckily for us the writer quickly removed his review, but it’s a lot more difficult to stop the illegal use of our video and images.

Buyer beware!

Beware cheap foam paint padsOne of the biggest costs in the manufacture of a paint pad system is the pad it’s self. While cheap pads are often just a piece of foam, Paint Pad Pro dual layer applicator pads feature 1000’s of nylon bristles bonded to a supple suspension backing layer. They’re much more expensive to produce, but the performance is worlds apart.

Everyone loves a bargain – but not as much as we hate inferior quality. If you’re in any doubt, please remember; Genuine Paint Pad Pro products are fully guaranteed, shipped from the UK and are only available from the

Happy painting!

Huggle Hideaways: The cuddly toy with its own home!

Encouraging little ones to tidy away their toys at bedtime can be a chore, but with Huggle Hideaways it’s part of the fun!

Buy Huggle Hideaways toys at the TV Discount StoreHuggle Hideaways are the newest members of the Huggle Buddies family, which means they’re great quality, super soft and cuddly toys that make the perfect sleeping companion.

Hideaways are reversible toys that live in their own home. Unzip their front door, turn them inside out and they come out to play. Put them back in their house at bedtime and they become a comfy pillow everyone wants to cuddle.

Visit TV Discount Store to see the cool cow that lives in a red barn, a friendly dragon that lives in a stone castle, a magical unicorn that lives in a pretty pink castle and a Hello Kitty Hideaway in her little cottage.

But that’s not all, Huggle Hideaways are now available for only £10.99 each (down from £24.99)! They’re also included in our 2 for £17.99 promotion on ALL TOYS – that £30 off the RRP of these guaranteed Christmas hits – just add any 2 toys to your basket and add code HUGGLE at the checkout. Only available in the TV Discount Store!

Shop Huggle Hideaways HERE

Cyber Monday Deals for Dad!

It’s Cyber Monday and, as usual, you’re struggling to buy something for Dad. Will it be socks and aftershave again? … How about something he’ll really love?

Well, if he loves his car, TV Discount Store has the solution with the incredible Body Shield Pro range of car care products.

Body Shield Pro Cyber Monday deals from TV Discount Store

The Body Shield Pro range includes a revolutionary water-less car wash, windscreen cleaner, interior shampoo and odour eliminator for the ultimate professional showroom finish.

Simply spray on the waterless car wash, wipe off the dirt and then buff for a incredible shine – with no buckets in sight! Better still, the weather resistant protective coating makes washing less frequent as muck and dirt will simply slide off the bodywork in the future.

According to Tiff Needell – British Racing Driver, former Top Gear presenter and star of TVs Fifth Gear – Body Shield Pro offers a “just cleaned look all year round, improved visibility and a treatment that stays the course, with maximum effect and minimum effort”. Praise indeed from a man in the know.

The Body Shield Pro range can be bought individually, or you can save even more with these three great Cyber Monday bundles!

  • Ultimate Interior Pack
    Includes: 500ml Odour Eliminator, 500ml Interior Valet and 4 Microfibre Cloths
    £23.97 Now only £16.78
  • Ultimate Windscreen Kit
    Includes: 2 x 500ml Bottles of Stayclean Windscreen Cleaner and 4 Microfibre Cloths
    £29.97 Now only £16.57
  • Full Car Workout
    Includes: 1l Body Shield Pro Waterless Car Wash, 500ml Bottle Odour Eliminator, 500ml Interior Valet and 4 Microfibre Cloths
    £49.61 Now only £27.28

See Body Shield Pro in action in our video:

Shop the entire Body Shield Range HERE

Huggle Buddies Christmas Offer

Huggle Buddies are a family of super cuddly toys your kids will love to play with. But here’s the twist; with one pull of a Velcro strap they turn from a daytime pet into a comfy night time pillow!

Huggle Buddies Ladybird Pillow Pet

They also double up as a pyjama case when closed – great fun for Christmas sleepovers! Watch the video below to see them in action!

Huggle Buddies are available in just about every farmyard, jungle and arctic animal, bugs and fairy tale creature you can imagine. With over 20 characters to choose from, there’s sure to be a perfect Huggle Buddy pillow pet for your child.

Better still, Huggle Buddies are included in our fantastic Christmas Soft Toy Sale offering any 2 toys for just £17.99 including delivery!

Don’t miss out, Huggle Buddies are selling out fast! Save over £20 off the RRP of these guaranteed Christmas hits by adding any 2 toys to your basket and inserting the coupon code HUGGLE at the checkout.

Playtime, naptime, anytime is Huggle Buddy time – Shop Now!

Paint Pad Pro – Decorating Made Easy!

Considering doing some decorating over the holidays? Freshening up your paintwork between Christmas and New Year? For the best results in half the time you need the Paint Pad Pro.

Paint Pad Pro - Recommended by Tommy WalshWhen it comes to DIY, not many people know more than TV’s Tommy Walsh – and he loves the Paint Pad Pro! This great product is a DIY dream, offering crisp smooth painted edges without the need for masking tape or super-fine brushes. You’ll be able to paint over textured anaglypta or heavily printed wallpaper in seconds, cover artex or plastered walls with ease and cut your decorating time in half.

Tommy isn’t just an avid user of the Paint Pad Pro, he was involved with the design of it from the very beginning – and it shows. Watch the video below to see it action! As Tommy says “with the Paint Pad Pro anyone can do a professional quality job, in super-quick time.”

Shop Paint Pad Pro!

The Paint Pad Pro range starts at an incredible £9.99, which includes the main unit, the mini paint pad, a slip resistant tray and 2 paint pads. For bigger jobs, take a look at the Paint Pad Pro Bumper Value Pack, which contains all of the above, plus 4 additional large bristle pads, 4 additional small bristle pads and an extension pole to help you paint those hard to reach areas with ease – all for just £22.99, down from £47.97.

As Tommy says, “It’s clever, it’s simple but most importantly… it really works” and with FREE UK delivery and a 30 Day no quibble money back guarantee – you’d be mad not to try it!

Snuggle Uppet Flash Sale!

Christmas is getting closer and the search is on for great value toys. Do your kids like a blanket and soft toys to cuddle? Sounds like they’d love a Snuggle Uppet!

Snuggle Uppet CrocodileA Snuggle Uppet is a snuggly blanket crossed with a cuddly animal puppet. With 6 lovable characters to choose from, including a cheeky monkey, snappy crocodile or pretty poodle, there’s a Snuggle Uppet your little one is sure to love.

Snuggle Uppets offer bags of fun when it comes to play time – in fun puppet shows and a hundred different games – and when it’s time for bed they’ll want to take their favourite new toy with them for a great sleep.

Don’t forget, if you’re travelling with the children over Christmas, or they’re sleeping in a strange bed, their new furry friend will turn it all into an exciting adventure they can take together…… and you know what that means? A happy sleeping child, well rested parents – and all for Only £10.99!

See the whole Snuggle Uppet Family

FLASH SALE: Any two toys for Only £16.99!

Hurry! Buy any two toys from the Snuggle Uppet, Huggle Buddies or Huggle Hideaway families for just £16.99! Enter the code SNUGGLE at the checkout and save over £30!

Great Christmas savings from TV Discount Store. As seen on TV ….. but cheaper

The EZ Bed Double – The guest bed that inflates in minutes!

It’s getting to that time of year, where house guests are more and more frequent. Now although these guests are (usually) a welcome arrival, they often provide one big problem… where do they sleep?

Do they have to sleep on the sofa? Do they have to sleep on an inflatable bed that will deflate over night? How about sleeping in the kids bed meaning you’ve got the little ones in with you? What about the grandparents? They might have to have your bed! So what’s the answer? Well, what if you could get a guest bed that was as comfortable as a regular double bed?

EZ Bed DoubleHere at TV Discount Store, we’ve got the answer and it is the EZ Bed Double inflatable bed. It self-inflates in less than 3 minutes, offers the convenience of being able to deflate and put away in moments, can be stored easily due to its compact carry case and is as comfortable (if not more so) than most double beds.

Most inflatable guest beds are essentially just a mattress on the floor, but not the EZ Bed Double, this bed has self-assembling steel frame that raises the inflatable mattress up to the height of a regular bed. Not only that, but it does all of this at the push of a button, simply plug the bed in and switch on the pump and your EZ Bed will unfold, inflate and the steel frame and legs will create a strong and sturdy base for your guests to get a great night’s sleep.

Sounds like that’s your Christmas and New Year guests sorted, now the only things you have to worry about are keeping them entertained and wondering when they’re going to leave!

You can watch the video on how quick and easy the EZ Bed Double is to inflate below and you can buy one from us here, now with FREE UK delivery.