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Goop 500ml bottle - the ideal size for motorcycle & scooter tyres Zoom
  • Goop 500ml bottle - the ideal size for motorcycle & scooter tyres
  • Goop saves you money by protecting against motorcycle punctures, extending tyre life and avoiding expensive recovery charges.
  • Motorcycle puncture instantly sealed by Goop Puncture Preventative
  • Goop motorcycle and scooter tyre sealant and puncture preventative
  • Goop is a non-toxic aqueous glycol solution containing finely cut rubber particles, preservatives and anti-corrosive inhibitors - all totally harmless to motorcycle and scooter tyres.

Goop 500ml Bottle


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Say goodbye to motorcycle & scooter punctures!

Goop Puncture Preventative is an environmentally friendly motorcycle tyre sealant, offering freedom from punctures. It's also ideal for protecting scooter, trike, ATV and quad bike tyres - both on and off-road.

When added to your tyres, any escaping air quickly forces Goop's rubber particles into the hole to form a long lasting plug that prevents any further pressure loss.

Goop lasts for the life of your motorcyle tyres, but is also water soluble so it can be easily washed away when patch repairs are necessary.

A 500ml bottle is the perfect size for protecting two motorcyle tyres, or four small scooter tyres.

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Already convinced? Save up to 45% when you buy two, three or four 500ml bottles of Goop!


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  1. User Review

    31st Jan 2017


    Saved by goop

    Out for a ride last SUnday and picked up a nail in my front tyre. Pulled it out and the leak stopped straight away. Dead chuffed - nice one Goop.

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