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Goop Tyre Sealant

Repairs punctures in all tyres ... as you drive!

Goop Puncture Preventative is the amazing tyre sealant that instantly seals punctures as they happen!

Added in minutes, Goop is suitable for both tubed and tubeless tyres - from bicycles to trucks, wheelbarrows to tractors. Don't be left by the side of the road. Add Goop to your tyres and save £££s in puncture repair and recovery costs!

Peace of mind

In the event of a puncture, the escaping air instantly forces Goop into the hole, where its rubber particles form a lasting plug preventing further air loss. Goop can also stop the slow air loss caused by internal corrosion in alloy wheel rims. This can easily go un-noticed, leaving the safety of your car dangerously compromised.

By helping to maintain correct tyre pressures, Goop minimises wear, extending tyre life and maximising your fuel economy.

The difference

Unlike similar tyre sealants, Goop uses finely ground rubber particles instead of fibre. These fibres can block tyre valves during installation and 'ball up' in the tyre due to centrifugal force. This eventually happens with any fibre based product, slowly reducing its ability to seal punctures.

As a water based product, Goop can be quickly cleaned out and tyres repaired as normal.

Safe for you and the environment

Formulated and manufactured in the UK, Goop is totally harmless to tyres, inner tubes and wheel rims. It is also compatible with tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and does not affect wheel balance.

Made using recycled rubber, Goop is not only green in colour, but green by nature. It's non-toxic, non-flammable, water based and can be safely washed away without harm to the environment.

Available in three handy bottle sizes

250ml - Ideal for bicycles, mobility scooters and wheelbarrow tyres. (125ml per tyre)
500ml - The most economic size for motorcycles, quad bikes, ATVs, small cars, caravans and single axle trailers. (250ml per tyre)
1 litre - Perfect for cars, vans, trucks, tractors, multi-axle trailers, plant and equipment (Typically 500ml per tyre for 4WDs, 1 litre trucks and up to 4 litres for large tractor tyres)

The more you buy, the more you save

Choose your ideal bottle size and save up to 40% OFF retail prices!


Single Bottle

Triple Pack
Save 30%

Quad Pack
Save 40%

250ml bottle




500ml bottle




1 Litre bottle




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